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FC365 is a sturdy and collaborative pharmaceutical forecasting device. Produced using acquainted capability for ease of use, the FC365 Utility improves decision-making by the use of environment friendly perception era and visualization.

Created particularly for New Product Making plans or Inline merchandise, J+D facilitates the difficult nature of forecasting with a centralized procedure in one, collaborative cloud-based interface.

FC365 is a cutting-edge toughen device for knowledgeable trade decision-making in regards to the long term. 

FC365 cloud-based pharmaceutical forecasting platform from J+D Forecasting

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What’s FC365?


FC365 is a multipurpose, cloud-based forecasting device providing robust and transparent forecasting that makes an have an effect on. Constructed at the Microsoft generation stack, FC365 integrates easily into the person atmosphere with built in skilled insights.

It supplies a protected, collaborative platform the place native and international groups in finding synergy. Departments throughout trade purposes and nations consolidate considering by means of aligning processes for enhanced forecasting accuracy.

FC365 produces fascinating visible outputs and elaborate studies which will also be adapted and up to date within the click on of a button.

FC365 - A pharmaceutical forecasting solution

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FC365 assists customers

  • Resolve elaborate information on the click on of a button
  • Collaborate extra successfully with any person in the community or international
  • Visualize eventualities as they spread
  • Be in keep watch over of the information and several other forecasts all the time
  • Fast and seamless forecast research the usage of new automatic strategies

FC365 integrates years of pharmaceutical forecasting wisdom with cutting edge and established application to provide an clever forecasting resolution.

FC365 - A pharmaceutical forecasting solution

Symbol Credit score: J+D Forecasting

Why FC365?

Fast and seamless research of forecasts

Stakeholders have the prospective to take away difficult admin duties and go back to creating the narrative because of automatic processes and environment friendly communique inside of an MS Groups atmosphere.

Excel-based forecast fashions will also be created, and a couple of recordsdata will also be shared, up to date, and saved in a single position. This guarantees a streamlined collation of knowledge, forecasts, and studies.  Forecasting groups can rely on robust programs with loyal outputs.

Enriched collaboration in a single shared interface

The answer provides a secure, collaborative atmosphere that is helping international groups reach synergy. Departments throughout trade purposes and nations merge considering by the use of procedure alignment. Groups have the prospective to unexpectedly faucet into forecasts and stay up-to-the-minute with real-time updates from each associate nation.

Formulate the narrative extra temporarily

Fashions are persistently evolved in a modular step by step manner and aligned to best-practice forecasting. Custom designed to the person’s illness and marketplace, they’re additionally intuitive to create and expedite the evaluation and approval procedure.

The method and style inspire sure conversations, permitting extra time to formulate native and international forecast narratives, providing extremely knowledgeable trade course.

Advanced by means of pharmaceutical forecasting professionals

FC365 has been built on wisdom and enjoy to supply a multipurpose forecasting manner that works for the person. With many years of enjoy in bespoke pharma style construct, the answer supplies customers with leverage. Perfect prepare built-in with J+D’s prescribed method provides precision that may be relied on by means of the customers for good forecasting results.

Simple configuration and customization provides a in point of fact adapted manner.

SaaS-software as an answer

Easy integration and adoption, and stepped forward stakeholder collaboration. Customers can merely paintings offline and keep hooked up to the forecasts while at the transfer.

Efficiencies are received by the use of centralizing forecasting processes and regulating get entry to and knowledge safety.

The application supplies simple automation, stepped forward ‘self-service’ enjoy, and end-to-end forecasting procedure control legislation.

There’s a direct connection between fashions and analytical studies for real-time forecasting.

Usual studies are evolved for Pharma forecasting with customized choices.

FC365 Inline

The platform has been evolved for on-market manufacturers/merchandise and release readiness.

The usual capability incorporated with the application:

  • Report control with naming conference and model keep watch over
  • Adaptable forecast cycle control – get started/prevent and archive/repair cycles
  • Transparent evaluate of undertaking insights
  • Style integration choices for versatile forecasting
  • Availability of model keep watch over components
  • Style approval procedure control 
  • Read about forecasts in real-time
  • Edit model main points and examine a graphical or tabular abstract evaluate of Manufacturers
  • Choices for usual and customized studies with speedy updates
  • Attainable to paintings on-line or offline
  • Easy situation exploration with research visualization
  • Person get entry to point keep watch over


The platform has been constructed for brand spanking new product construction and exterior alternative review.

The application comprises the next usual capability:

  • Alternative control – upload new, then edit, archive/repair, seek, filter out, and type
  • Style approval procedure control 
  • Motion record –  movements connected to the degree with approve/reject notification
  • Easy situation exploration with research visualization
  • More than one style integration choices
  • Supplied with model keep watch over components
  • Report control – flexibility to call, add, and keep watch over get entry to
  • Customers can discover forecasts in real-time
  • Style tagging for easy looking out and get entry to
  • More than one usual and customized visualization studies
  • Person get entry to control
  • Attainable to paintings on-line or offline
  • Centralized forecasting for a couple of stakeholder collaboration



FC365 - A pharmaceutical forecasting solution

Symbol Credit score: J+D Forecasting

FC365 instance visualization studies

Forecast consolidation

FC365 - A pharmaceutical forecasting solution

Symbol Credit score: J+D Forecasting

  • Make a selection any mixture of nations to create a regional view. 
  • Drill into the information to expose key drivers.
  • Efficient consolidation of forecast fashions and research of results, reminiscent of person nation research. 
  • Clear out by means of style/time or product, or make a selection the person nation to inspect that forecast in additional element. 

Examine forecasts

FC365 - A pharmaceutical forecasting solution

Symbol Credit score: J+D Forecasting

  • Make a selection a number of forecasts or eventualities and evaluate all measures which have been lined at the consolidation web page. 
  • Customized file choice produces actuals, goal, and forecast information in one file, enabling efficiency research.
  • Clear out by the use of clusters, nations, and types to inspect the efficiency as opposed to forecast metrics.
  • Situations, nations, and previous forecasts will also be when put next.
  • View charts and visuals for the primary quantity and income metrics which can be commonplace right through the fashions, exact, and goal information.

Tournament have an effect on research

FC365 - A pharmaceutical forecasting solution

Symbol Credit score: J+D Forecasting 

  • Applied to realize wisdom into the have an effect on of occasions on the market-, brand-, and event-level, without having to get entry to the style(s).
  • Attainable to filter out by means of style/time/occasion/product.
  • Separate specific occasions and decide their have an effect on, benefitting wisdom of occasion forecast drivers.
  • Simply discover the person have an effect on of each occasion.
  • View specific analyses and visualization to show the impact of the occasions at a complete point.

Tournament motive force research

FC365 - A pharmaceutical forecasting solution

Symbol Credit score: J+D Forecasting

  • Acquire data on specific occasions which can be using the forecast.
  • Drill into the information to get to the bottom of primary drivers.
  • Comprehend the occasions which can be using the forecast after which make a rustic comparability.

From J+D Forecasting, for all of your pharma forecasting wishes. 


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